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    Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    Those dark anglicans

    Surprising that I had the default assumption that anglicans would naturally be against abortion.

    I know they are splitting along homosexual and femine disagreements, but I thought a church that considers itself somehow close to Catholic would get abortion right. Not so.

    I must have given too much credit to anglicans having John Henry Newman before his conversion to Catholicism.

    And the theological reasons for their abortion support? None really. Just a boat cut loose from common natural sense and Jesus. Much like their liberal wing, they feel the bible is rather irrelivent now, since it was written so long ago... in this case, before the wisdom of modern medicine could be turned against the children.

    They hold the ugly nazi view that human life has worth in proportion to it's value as it develops. Which of course supports the killing of people in their early and late life since we develop this anglican value as we progress through grade school, and lose this value as we progress through the old age home.

    And let's not forget the value-poor folks caught somewhere inbetween in a coma, or perhaps just born too stupid to be an anglican.


    THE DIOCESE of Melbourne has backed the legalization of abortion. In a submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission made by an all-women panel appointed by Archbishop Philip Freier, the diocese stated public acceptance of abortion ‘indicates that a change in the law is timely.’

    There were ‘no specific biblical texts addressing therapeutic or induced abortion’ the diocesan panel said, and explained that ‘the Bible is a collection of texts written in a world without our modern medical practices and so does not speak specifically to the ease and safety with which a pregnancy may be terminated today.’

    It rejected the ‘absolutist position’ that life begins at conception and the ‘pro-choice perspective’ that held that women were free to ‘do what they like with their own bodies.’ The diocese stated ‘that while the embryo/foetus is fully human from the time of conception, it accrues moral significance and value as it develops.’

    Thus while the ‘destruction even of an early embryo is of moral significance, we believe the moral significance increases with the age and development of the foetus.’

    The abortion of a foetus at 28 weeks was ‘more serious’ than at 10 weeks, they said, but added there should not be ‘a legislated absolutist end-point after which an abortion could not proceed.’

    Writing to his diocese on Dec 10, Dr Freier said Melbourne did ‘not have a definitive viewpoint on abortion’ and as a whole the Anglican Church ‘has predominantly been silent about abortion.’


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