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    Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    7 Priests, one father, single mommy

    7 Priests, one woman, $500,000.

    And it's worse really, because the dad did not want to care for the child, but rather kill the child.

    As nice as the Filipino people are, and as nice as their Catholic religion has made that corner of Asia, their native Priests have a reputation for having a problem with staying chaste. 3rd hand knowledge says that many have women on the side, and that it's accepted by the lay people.

    Maybe it's in the genes, maybe it's the culture, maybe it's the heat. 4th hand knowledge says it's something of the same in Africa.

    This story involving 7 Priests is unusual in the number of men involved, and the willingness of the woman. As she says, the main injury was "Milla returned to California after giving birth to her daughter, Jacqueline, and pleaded with the archdiocese for help but was refused.".

    From that point, she turned to revenge.

    "While she once planned to become a nun, Milla no longer believes in God. She said she lost her faith because of the church's callousness."

    "I thought that the church would make everything OK, that they would punish them," she said. "After the church showed me that they didn't care about what happened, I realized what they were really about, that they were more like a business."

    "They have no fear of God."

    And the Priests? They turned to cowards and the dad turned into an abortion advocate.

    "After she was impregnated in 1982 by Tugade at a Los Angeles-area church, Milla said, Tamayo suggested that she get an abortion, then devised a plan to send her to the Philippines to have the child."

    These things always turn ugly, and are feed for the afternoon talk show viewers.

    But really, we have a Filipino tendency to be unchaste, and from that evil, others follow.

    An abandoned child, a woman with at least 7 men looking for financial help and revenge, and a daddy. Priests looking for an escape, and $500,000 to make things right.



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