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    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Idiots! Well that explains it.

    Ever since the Vatican brought up the subject, it has been running through my mind while driving that I ought to be more charitable. It has probably made some slight bit of difference.

    Well this study confirms it.. I live in a good driving State.

    The following state rankings were released for the 2007 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test:
    1. Idaho.
    2. Alaska
    3. Minnesota
    4. Wisconsin

    If you're in an idiot driver state, maybe there aren't enough Catholics there.


    Oh, and what about New Zealand and their immigration "problem". Here in the U.S., it's smokers who are the current lepers. But just wait all the self-rightous out there, there's more to come to a place near you.

    Got a little too much BMI? That makes you expensive and unwanted. Slim down or go stand 100 feet from the entrance door with the other leper smokers. It's only logical so shut-up and be the sheep we all know deep down under we are.


    The New Zealand immigration service said it had no idea how many people were denied entry because of their weight. The BMI test is not mentioned on its website, however, and the health requirements for prospective residents stipulate only that they should not require dialysis or have tuberculosis, haemophilia or a disability requiring full-time care.

    Robyn Toomath, an endocrinologist, of the New Zealand campaign group Fight the Obesity Epidemic, said the country could not afford to admit migrants who would be a drain on health services. "You can see the logic in assessing if there is a significant health cost associated with this individual, and that would be a reason for them not coming," she said.

    Mr Trezise's wife, who is also classified as overweight, is still at home trying to shed pounds so that she meets the BMI requirements and can join her husband in New Zealand.

    Mr Trezise has promised her that if she is unable to lose enough weight and pass the immigration test by Christmas, he will return to Britain for good. But he pointed out that has private health care and his employer has a gym membership scheme. "The idea was that we were going to change our lifestyle totally and get outdoors and on mountain bikes and all sorts," he said.


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