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    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Government, Business, Church.. Odd man out

    Catholic hospitals and adoption services used to be welcome and needed. But things have changed.
    Health care has become a right, as has adoption. And rights change with time, whereas Catholic truths do not. We are stuck being Catholic. Which to me is a good thing, but obviously that does not hold for everybody. And hospitals and adoption have become an everybody thing.
    It's simply time to leave. And although Connecticut's Bishops are temporarily confused on the subject, Colorado Spring's Bishop Michael Sheridan is not confused. "My opinion on moral questions is to err on the side of safety, rather in the other direction.". "How could you continue to call yourself Catholic if you were doing things that were contrary to Catholic teaching even if you were being forced by the state to do them."
    In Connecticut,
    Massachusetts and
    state law overrules freedom of religion and conscience and requires administration of the abortifacient pills without exemption for Catholic hospitals. Other states are currently considering similar legislation, including
    Wisconsin and
    I think of government run institutions, and have a revulsion because of the lack of funding, tired policy bound staff, long lines, and lack of vision.
    I think of business run institutions, and associate the ads for Lasik eye surgery. Glowing reports, happy people, no payments for 2 years, and doctors performing profit on tissue. For one thing, the fine print on the contracts to be signed is enormous. For another, what will induce business to chase after money losing activities? We will end up with money making hospitals only. Unprofitable procedures will be sent to government hospitals. I am guessing that they will not be happy places to suffer in.
    Anyway, it's time to go. Government and business will have their way. Between the two is a natural attraction.
    Catholics will be confined to building the hearts of men with grace alone. We will have to leave the "works" on heart tissue to our elected officials and their bureaucracy, and business and its profit motive.
    It's temporarily not a good time to be sick in body, but it's eternally never a good time to be sick in soul.


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