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    Saturday, September 29, 2007

    Miller, Pelosi, and adoption

    "There is no better way to prepare your mortal flesh for the kinkiest weekend on Earth than to nourish your bones and boost your spirit with a divine feast: The Last Supper With The Sisters, at Eureka Restaurant ... "

    This is the Folsom Street Fair poster that is causing all the noise. Way down at the lower left corner is the Miller Lite logo that Christian groups are asking Miller to remove, if Miller hopes to have the groups continue drinking their beer.

    The picture is too small to make out the sex toys, whips, and other leather that are spread out on the table that mimics the Last Supper painting. I don't get it. What do these people and their equipment have to do with the Last Supper?

    The smaller picture is from, and a related festival called "Up Your Alley Fair".

    Baited by a reporter, the House Speaker Pelosi identified herself as a catholic, called herself "this speaker" in the third person, and saw no harm done to Christianity".

    1. The homosexual life style is not pretty to Christians. Gay anglican bishops and other homosexual partners in a committed active relationship attempt to dress it up a little better in their photo shoots, but this is what it really looks like.

    2. Since the God given parts don't fit, as Natural Law informs us, they have a preoccupation with plastic substitute body parts and the anus. That's not too pretty either.

    3. These are the mental pictures we need to keep in mind when the government allows adoption of children by these cobbled couples. It is indeed government sanctioned child abuse. As was plainly demonstrated with our bad priests, a young boy coming of age is quite an attraction to the homosexual male. Little ones living powerlessly in the same home as these festive folks is both the design and desire of the adoption. It just drips of violence and danger and harm.

    4. As Pelosi understands Christianity she is right. These far away people equate Jesus with the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And what would these folks have others do unto them? That thought is not too pretty either. Especially if done within the confines of a home in front of and perhaps with children. After all there is no shame in the homosexual agenda. There is no reason to hope that they will confine their perversion behind closed doors.


    Asked to respond to a San Francisco "gay"-festival's promo mocking the Last Supper of Jesus Christ, the chief spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered a dismissive quip.

    "As a Catholic, the speaker is confident that Christianity has not been harmed," said Drew Hammill, the San Francisco Democrat's press secretary.

    WND reported earlier this week the Last Supper poster promoting the Folsom Street Fair replaces the bread and wine with sex toys and depicts Jesus Christ and his disciples as "half-naked homosexual sadomasochists."

    Scheduled for Sunday, the annual sadomasochistic "leather event" features public displays of nudity and sexual acts.

    CWA noted Pelosi, a major supporter of homosexual activism, will receive an award Oct. 6 from the "gay rights" group Human Rights Campaign.

    Matt Barber, CWA's policy director for cultural issues, said his organization has "photographic evidence the San Francisco government suspends indecency and child abuse laws for a day allowing fair goers to parade the streets of San Francisco, fully nude, engaging in illegal public sex while taxpayer funded police stand-by and do nothing."

    Barber pointed out children have attend the event, exposing them to "this activity which is illegal child abuse."

    The festival boasts that it draws about 400,000 people each year from around the world. It describes its mission as organizing "world-class volunteer driven leather events, providing the adult alternative lifestyle community safe venues for self-expression, emphasizing freedom, fun and frolic, while raising money to benefit San Francisco charities."


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