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    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Walk a mile in my Charmin

    Charmin is doing a nasty thing with its marketing.

    Twice I've seen their commercial using Handel's Hallelujah Chorus complete with the sun's rays shing forth because the bears in the ad are so happy with their paper and it's results.

    Insensitivity to Christian images for sure... even the folks who only get to Church on Easter. And a pretty good indication that there is no serious Christian on staff with a voice.

    Now marketing is not known as a haven for Christians. They are a group that sees people as test subjects responding to stimulus. Well known associations are used to grab attention, create a mood, and just generally brand the mind so that the product becomes a trusted friend.

    Still though, it's a cheap shot. And I have to keep in mind that at Easter, when I employ Handel at the Alleluia, some in the crowd will think of toilet paper rather than Christ's rising and joy.

    So now I can feel a very little of what muslims feel with their cartoon crisis.

    Yup, it's alive again. This time from Sweeden.

    Seems as though a dog was used in the cartoon, and sure enough their highly esteemed prophet is insulted, along with 1.6 billion followers. Their reaction is un-Christlike, but I guess that should be no surprise.

    As the lady author says, it's easy to "bring any nation to its knees" and "hit them where it hurts".

    And I say again, the poor muslims have no Sermon on the Mount, and no Cross. Without these critical ingredients, slaps in the face cause more than hurt feelings... they call for retaliation.

    Something lifelong.. something "you teach your children to do and even your grandchildren". To them, the world is full of enemies, and always will be. Growl!

    What I didn't know is that their angels are afraid of dogs. "The dog is considered an impure creature in Islam and is not even welcome in the Muslim home because angels are afraid of it and will not enter."

    I don't think their angels are like our angels. Their angels require an Excorsist. Which by the way, is one of my favorite movies.


    The Muslim reaction over the latest cartoon slur against Muhammad (peace be upon him) should be firm and peaceful. There is no need for violence and it only makes us look bad in the global audience.

    If Muslims decided to unite and boycott Swedish goods it should not be a limited boycott like the Danish one was. It should be a permanent lifelong commitment to avoid all Swedish products. It should be something you teach your children to do and even your grandchildren.

    It's easy for the enemies of Islam to insult our religion and our Prophet but it's even easier for us to not support them with our dirhams and dinars. The quickest way to bring any nation to its' knees is to hit them where it hurts...their wallet.


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