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    Friday, August 31, 2007

    The Twilight Zone up north there

    What if Miss Manners came to power and handed down laws and rules to prohibit embarrassment?

    If you are a reasonable person, you "should have known" that those "actions, comments, or displays" would have been unwelcome.

    Sounds like a rich script for a Twilight Zone episode. But no.. it's real in Canada.

    Could it drip down across the border into the northern blue states? I hope not, but what are borders anyway nowadays.

    Unfairness is also not allowed. Since the world is unfair, you might have a wee problem with this aspect. To narrow down the possibilities, the specific list includes "suggestive remarks" and unfairness regarding just a few things...

    race, "Wow, you guys are good at math!"

    sex, "Boys will be boys."

    color, "My skin can't take the direct sun."

    ancestry, "Are you French?"

    place of origin, "Are you from Paris?"

    ethnic origin "Were you born in Paris?",

    marital status, "How's your wife?"

    same sex partner status, "Are you still with Fred?"

    sexual orientation, "Which bathroom did you use?"

    age, "Do you find wisdom comes with age?"

    disability, "Did you win the basketball game?"

    citizenship, "Did you vote?"

    family status, "How's your family?"

    record of offences, "Did they convict you?"

    religion , "Is there a God?".

    All you have to do to stay safe is to replace your ugly bad behavior with sweet good behavior..

    Instead of threats... protection

    intimidation... hugs and smiles

    demeaning... uplifting

    humiliation... esteem

    embarrassment... silence.

    Does this sound like real social engagement to you? NO? Don't worry, it's only the Twilight Zone script in Canada. It couldn't happen here.

    When our kids graduate from school, they will be ready for the real, dirty, unfair world.



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