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    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Malta teaches

    Who said it's OK for homosexuals to teach your children? You know, long days, long months, sharing, teaching... etc.

    Not in Malta perhaps.

    I still think that everyone knows homosexual men should not be around boys coming of age. That was the American Priest scandal of the 70's and 80's.

    I know, let's envoke 'safety'. That seems to trump all other rights lately. Safety of the kids... who can argue with that in 2007? We wrap them in helmets and knee pads and seatbelts 24/7. Surely they should be safe from teachers also.


    Malta's Union of Teachers is threatening to publish the details of four attempts to oust gay and lesbian teachers from Roman Catholic school posts, unless the government launches an independent inquiry into sexual orientation discrimination.

    According to the union, Church schools were under pressure from parents to fire the teachers, leading to four interventions in the past five years. Students even scrawled insults on one teacher's chalkboard, according to John Bencini, President of the union.

    "As long as these teachers do not try to influence students with their beliefs or lifestyles, their sexuality is a private matter," said Mr Bencini, speaking to Malta Today. "We have to ensure that the employment of these teachers is safeguarded."

    In 2004, Malta banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation after the Malta Gay Rights Movement lobbied for the measure to be included in an Employment Relations Act.Malta is one of the most socially conservative countries in the EU.

    98% of the population are Roman Catholics, and although homosexuality has been decriminalised, significant prejudice remains.

    I don't think it's prejudice, just discrimination. Good, healthy, knowledgeable, safe discrimination regarding what's right, what's wrong, what's safe.

    Besides, Catholics have no problem with homosexuals living a chaste life. Chances are instead, these pink folks are out there proudly advertising, which is something like teaching, which is never pretty. And as they should know by now regarding HIV, never safe.


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