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    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    They killed the wrong one

    If you wished to abort a twin, which one would you choose?

    the pleasant one,

    the cute one,

    the taller one,

    the smart one,

    the healthy one?

    Perhaps you would choose the crabby, ugly, short, dumb, sickly one?

    It seems they have killed the wrong twin in Italy, and then had to kill the right one anyway. This was upsetting to the mother who was given 2 new children, and now has zero new children.

    If Italian laws are anything like American laws, mom is now free to sue for wrongful death. They killed the wrong kid. Someone must pay.


    In June, a doctor in a Milan hospital mistakenly aborted a healthy baby instead of a twin sister with Down Syndrome.

    After discovering that the abortionist had killed the “wrong” child – the doctor was unaware the fetuses had switched position in their mother’s womb – the mother returned to the hospital to have her remaining twin aborted, as well.

    In an interview Aug. 29 with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the mother said her life had been ruined. “Neither my husband nor I can sleep at night,” she said.

    Milan’s San Paolo hospital, where the abortion was carried out, said the case was a “misfortune” and a “terrible fatality.” Dr. Anna Maria Marconi, the gynecologist who carried out the Milan abortion, said that the mother requested the operation after an amniocentesis test, The Times of London reported Aug. 29. Marconi said that her conscience was clear about both killings, and called the first abortion an “act of fate that could not have been foreseen.”

    Father Williams said that it is contradictory to single out the killing of the “wrong” innocent child as exceptionally tragic. Isn’t it “more tragic still,” he said, that many more unborn children are killed “intentionally, legally and with no remorse whatsoever?”

    “The value of human life does not come from its flawlessness, but from its singularity,” said Legionary Father Thomas Williams, dean of theology at Rome’s Regina Apostolorum University. “When we start assigning different values to different persons – based on abilities, health, intelligence or any other qualities – we reduce them to their utility.”

    “If children’s lives matter only insofar as they matter to us, then they don’t really matter at all,” he said.

    Said Father Williams, “Choosing who will live and who will die is always an exercise in devilry.”

    Devil-ry. Now there's a new word for an old friend who is having his way at St. Paul's hospital in lovely Milan. As memory fades, Mussolini's facist killing impulse is returning.


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