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    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    College level Catholicism, and Bush too

    It's World AIDS Day. And what is the common thought? We must 'fight' it.

    Much like people with cancer, who 'battles' or dies after a long 'battle' with disease, if you're a good guy, let's fight AIDS.

    And what is the common answer to AIDS? Condoms of course.

    Is there nothing humorous about a fight conducted with a rubber? I think it is very odd if not humorous.

    Well I must admit that to get the whole humorous effect, you must also consider that millions and millions of copulating people without the benefit of monogamous marriage, are fighting for the ability to continue their activities using a piece of latex for protection against death.

    OK, it's not humorous, but plainly sad.

    It's not humorous because it is based on ignorance. Not the plain ignorance of never having heard the truth, but the IQ based ignorance of not being able to comprehend. One needs to be either an obedient Catholic, or a college level Catholic to embrace the truth of Humanae Vitae.

    Obedience has not been in vogue since the 1700's. A college level Catholic understanding is scarce in the pews. The percentages of catholics who support the use of condoms is important because it tells us how many pew sitters are just hanging around listening to the music and shaking hands and smiling.

    We may pray that these people receive some sort of understanding from Priest's homily teaching. But no. I can not remember a single sermon about Humanae Vitae.

    Could it be that the Priests do not understand? I'm sure in some cases the answer is yes. In other cases, the Priests use their discretion to adjust teaching to the needs of the congregation. In other words, a kingergarten approach for a kindergarten congregation.

    This article with all the percentages, mentions nowhere chastity. To the common audience, it's simply not on the culture's radar. Yet it is the only answer.

    Culture unable to stop copulating, so wear some rubber. Invincible ignorance, and eventual death. Ugly and unfunny.


    And let's hear a cheer for Mr. Bush. Not a Catholic, but he get's it and uses his position to say it...

    U.S. President George W. Bush on Friday stressed the role of faith-based groups in the fight against AIDS, calling the struggle one of conscience and morals on the eve of World AIDS Day.

    "Faith-based groups like these are the foot soldiers in the armies of compassion," he said. "They are helping to defeat this epidemic one soul at a time."

    Of course, CNN had to also add... Despite some successes, the program has been criticized for requiring that participating groups emphasize abstinence education.



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