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    Sunday, December 09, 2007

    Obama mindlink with VOTF

    O Obama.

    Oh what 8 years of Democrats' thinking will bring us.

    As we cringe at VOTF rhetoric, we might expect to cringe much more as the President speaks, and speaks, and acts.

    A big shot at VOTF now a chief advisor to Obama.


    So what is Obama's attitude toward Catholics?

    In his speech last summer to the Call to Renewal Conference he explained, "The majority of Catholics practice birth control because they, like all Americans, 'intuitively' recognize religious teachings that are 'more culturally specific' and may be modified to accommodate modern life."

    Dimwitted but excusable coming from a non-Catholic. A non-Catholic wouldn’t be expected to understand Catholic theology, but then again what’s he doing commenting on it I wonder? Perhaps indicative of Obama’s Democrat grand visions.

    Marshall Ganz, a Harvard sociologist, was a major force behind organizing Voice of the Faithful (VOTF), a dissenting Catholic organization devoted to "structural" change in the Church. VOTF, you may recall, used the occasion of the priest sex scandals to call for changes in Catholic doctrine, such as the addition of a married priesthood and popularly-elected bishops. Ganz is a nationally known expert in political organizing. In 2004 he was an adviser to Howard Dean -- Ganz now advises Democratic presidential candidate, Barak Obama.

    Obama has Catholic support, including a priest from Chicago, Fr. Michael Pfleger who said,"I think Barak Obama is in a class of his own." Not really, Father. Just like presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Rudy Giuliani, Obama is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. Now that Clinton is sliding downward in the polls, and the Obama campaign is gaining ground, we may be hearing more of Obama's opinions on Catholic teaching.


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