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    Friday, December 07, 2007

    WWJD.. the next healthy thing

    You know that in China, if you have the sniffles, or even worse a cough and cold... you can not go around face naked. You must wear a mouth filter or suffer shame.

    You see it all over, especially publicized in the government big meeting rooms.

    They're leading edge atheistic. You know the kind... better live long since that's all there is.

    I predict that the next big healthy thing coming to the not so Wild West U.S.A. will be exactly this. Face guards for the germ laden.

    If you doubt my prediction, remember you heard it 1st here, and then give me some posthumus credit by saying a prayer for me in purgatory.

    Anyway, my point is that along with my inability to picture Jesus laughing, I just can not see the Man going along with this prolonged life health fetish we are so absorbed in. Yes, I'm talking about helmets on all the kids for bike riding, smokers having to stand 30' away from buildings to protect the health of other people (God help us!), and the general avoidance of death oxymoron stance.

    Here's a God that I would think could get, and did get sick at times, yet pressed flesh with the lepers. Same for many of our Saints during the plauge Black Death episodes.

    Jesus and his followers are no sissies. Rip off your face mask and throw you bike helmit in the curb. Let's die with a little dignity. You know, like we really believe that there is something better just beyond this veil of tears.

    And yes, I must advise that that goes for kids too. Even if it means that they might travel in a car without their seat belt fastened at times, or heaven forbid, feel the wind in their hair in the back of a pickup truck.

    Pause. Didn't the previous paragraph sound absurd? It isn't you know. You just can't help yourself. You can not imagine not belting your kids in, and would never let them ride in the back of a pickup. And you know why. Something might happen.

    Shame on you really. Do you realize how Europe/USA centric our view is. How otherwordly our attitude is compared with the starving, diseased, dying children outside our immediate world reach? The whole world is dying, and always will be.

    WWJD after all? Would he lock all the kids of Europe and the U.S.A. up in safety devices so that they could live long enough to die to the world? Would he advise a long long life aided by the extraordinarily expensive health industry?

    I don't think he would care about these things one whit. As he showed us, it's not really about how long you live at all.

    Just for smiles, here a little story of another place where obsession with health (and oh yes, obsession with our precious children) has taken us...

    Mother and baby ordered to leave


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