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    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    450 vs 50

    Now here's something that has never occured to me. Why does a woman always seem to be dealing with her period? It's a modern thing, another gift of the pill.

    Well no more. Periods be banished along with the babies!


    Most doctors say there's no medical reason women need monthly bleeding and that it triggers health problems from anemia to epilepsy in many women. They note women have been tinkering with nature since the advent of birth control pills and now endure as many as 450 periods, compared with 50 or so in the days when women spent most of their fertile years pregnant or breast-feeding.

    Gynecologists say they've been seeing a slow but steady increase in women asking how to limit and even stop monthly bleeding. Surveys have found up to half of women would prefer not to have any periods, most would prefer them less often and a majority of doctors have prescribed contraception to prevent periods.

    Dr. Mindy Wiser-Estin, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Little Silver, N.J., has long advocated menstrual suppression.

    She has seen a big increase in the last year in patients asking about it, but has one concern that leads her to encourage younger women to take a break every 12 weeks. About 1 percent of oral contraceptive users become pregnant each year, and young women taking continuous pills who have never been pregnant may not recognize the symptoms, she said.

    "They may not know it in time to do something about it," Wiser-Estin said.

    Time to do something about 'it'. Like abortion of course. That poor little 'it'.

    Sex without the meaning of sex.

    Women without periods, but with botox faces, silicone breasts, liposuction bellies, and hyphenated last names.

    The lyrics from "I am woman, hear me roar" come to mind.


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