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    Friday, May 04, 2007

    Legislating emotions

    It's about time that Christians get bitten by the same nonsense that they have approved of for the protection from unwanted emotions toward special groups.

    Race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation. Poor babies.

    I hope that someday the Supreme Court will find that Free Speech is too impared by this protection to let emotion laws stand. Perhaps in the next 8 Democratic years enough nonsense will be passed to bring a case to the high court. That would be one good result of the shift to Democrats and the likes of nanny caregivers like Kennedy.

    It was a nicely intentioned proactive guilt trip that brought emotion protection to the blacks. We simply wanted to put the civil war behind us, and thought a few well meaning emotion laws would help. As if committing a crime is not bad enough, doing it while hating the victim is uncalled for.

    All well and good. Oops, not really. Here comes everybody.

    You know, I'm getting up in years.. how about not hating this old man while mugging me? The elderly should be added.. and soon, before the Baby Boomers get their electric carts.

    How about loud mouths? Not quite a disability, but I sure do hate them. Oops that's me!

    Hating oneself should be a special crime. After all, that's how all this protection got started. We're just not nice enough without legislating our emotions.


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