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    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Out of 188 people surveyed, 97 responded "yes"

    Oh boy. Still some Catholic-confused out there. I thought maybe they had stopped that.
    ..., the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, asked participants in a survey, "Are Catholics Christians?"
    Out of 188 people surveyed, 97 responded "yes" to the question. These readers overall seem to agree that the Catholic religion has many members who are Christians. Some of the controversy spoken of by participants with Catholics is that there are still some who revere other Saints including Mary, the mother of Jesus, over Christ.
    Others feel that Priests do not have the power to forgive sins as is portrayed through some organized denominations, but God who forgives through Christ, as He is the one who gave His life for all people, and it is only through His shed blood that anyone can be forgiven.

    Forty-seven participants responded "no" to the question. Many feel that the Catholic religion teaches dogmas and rituals that are false and contrary to the teachings of the Bible. One Believer in this group wrote, "Catholics are under Vatican City which brings slavery to my country and oppression to my people. Christianity is not oppression but instead gives life."
    Though many in this group were adamant about the false doctrine within the organized church, others felt that there were Christians within the denomination.

    Forty-nine readers seem to be unsure about the Catholic religion. Some felt that there seems to be some non Biblical teaching in this denomination. Does the Bible teach that purgatory exists and that someone who is dead can be prayed into heaven? One participant said, "They pray for the dead to go to heaven out of purgatory when there isn't any such place."
    Do you know anyone who revere Mary or the Saints over Christ? I don't.
    It is the Priest who must decide if the sinner has the correct disposition to be forgiven. He then affirms that it is God who forgives through Christ. But I admit this is a touchy subject. Most Catholics can not find the humility or the awareness of sin necessary to get to Confession. So I guess I can't blame the non-Catholics for feeling the same way.
    The oddest thing is the 49 folks who think Catholics are not Christian. I mean, come on!
    "...the Catholic religion teaches dogmas and rituals that are false and contrary to the teachings of the Bible." Rituals are bible contrary? Some Catholic dogmas make us non-Christian? Needless to say.. I doubt it.
    Of course in these non-Catholics blurbs, here comes Purgatory. Assured Salvation with cleansing fire. Sounds merciful to me.
    The Catholics have 2,000 years of holy thought on the subject. These folks have the bible and the 20 year experience of their preacher. Not much time for dogma there. Good luck.


    Blogger Tiber Jumper said...

    Yep, just me and the Bible and the preachers interpretation of it.
    Makes my head explode!
    God bless

    April 30, 2007  

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