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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007


    What would school be without bullies? Kinda feminine I think.


    Cuz there sure is going to be bullies out there in the real world. Running away is not going to work. Either is appealing to some kind of "policy" for protection.


    There is a Christian response that works well, and of course there is always having enough balls to stand up to the bully which works every time.


    Poor Britian. They passed a few too many laws it seems. Almost like they're kinda feminine.



    Catholic church-run schools have refused to implement British government guidelines on setting up anti-homophobic bullying policies, invoking anger from gay rights groups and MP’s.


    Reacting to a House of Commons Select Committee report, published today, which shows that the Catholic Church is refusing to tackle homophobic bullying in its schools, Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) secretary George Broadhead said: "We've seen homophobia in Catholic circles rising at a terrifying rate over the past few months.”

    "Terrifying rate"... wow!

    "I hope the Archbishop will examine his conscience and put the welfare of children first," Mr Williams told“


    All schools are required by law to have an anti-bullying policy, but many do not collate figures on how much bullying goes on. The committee expressed concern that this may be to protect the school's reputation.”


    The committee heard evidence from charity Anti-Bullying Alliance that between 30-50% of young people in secondary schools attracted to people of the same sex will have directly experienced homophobic bullying compared to the 10-20% of young people who have experienced general bullying.


    Last year Archbishop Vincent Nichols, who is head of the Catholic Education Service, told the education and skills select committee that specific issues of bullying should not be singled out.


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