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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Immigration test

    Interesting how Australia seems to be able mention the ability to speak English a little more loudly than here in the U.S.

    The Bishops also believe the proposed citizenship test will discourage some immigrants from seeking citizenship, intimidating some elderly immigrants who do not speak English well.

    Bishop Grech says that many of these immigrants still make an enormous contribution to Australia.

    "There are so many of our people who even today are struggling a little bit with English, but their contribution is impeccable, it's an amazing contribution," he said.


    We are awash with so many illegal folks that the ability to speak English is the last thing on anyone's mind. Those under 10 OK; teens so-so; adults nada.

    When will we get this fixed? Sometime before Bush leaves I think. Well not really 'fixed' to anyone's satisfaction, but hopefully at least within some sort of legal framework.

    I know it sounds like gossip, but did you know the man who abducted that boy in Florida for ransom a few days ago was an illegal once deported back to Mexico, and again returned?

    I bring it up because the media did not bring it up. Very odd.


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