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    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Iraq, short on possibilities.

    Here's a lot of noise about stoping the 'surge'. OK. Then what?

    Really nothing possible.

    Sure we want to leave. So what? We will need a better Plan B than simply wanting to quit. Maybe running out of money is the final solution. Oops.. we're already spending money we don't have.


    Continued and expanded U.S. military action in Iraq will bring only more violence and bloodshed, will not end the conflict and will further destabilize that country and the region, said the heads of 13 Catholic organizations.

    “We oppose the proposed escalation of U.S. troops in Iraq, noting that prior escalations have not resulted in increased peace and stability,” the Catholic leaders said, pointing to troop escalations in late 2006 that “resulted in increased violence and death for both U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians.”

    Decrying the Bush administration “rejection of a comprehensive diplomatic effort is a short-sighted view of American interests,” the 13 Catholic organizational leaders urged the U.S. president “to engage in diplomatic and political negotiations” toward a cease fire of “all factions in Iraq and the region.”

    Can you imagine that after all this, Iraq would just be handed over to those wacko governments in the region? I doubt it.

    What we had high hopes for, but failed to realize is that the Iraq folks are nutty themselves. Maybe it's the high temperatures, or something in the sand, but comon' let's face it. It's a hell hole, was a hell hole, and will be one in the future.

    Now what is the new idea re withdrawal? Not too new or quick after all...

    He laid out “benchmarks for progress” by which current and future policies should be judged in order to meet “our nation’s moral responsibility to help Iraqis to live with security and dignity in the aftermath of military action.”

    Among those includes providing for “minimally acceptable levels of security;

    economic reconstruction to create employment for Iraqis;

    and political structures and agreements that help overcome divisions,

    reduce violence,

    broaden participation, and

    increase respect for religious freedom and basic human rights.”

    There ya go. No problem, just impossible.


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