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    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Organs for sale.. Why should this surprise us?

    In England, infantcide is legal, but the sale of one's organs for transplant is not.


    The guy from the transplant society says that it is "abhorrent"... why?

    It may feel abhorrent today, but give it time. When you don't feel abhorrent about killing the young and old, all things become possible. These feelings will pass.

    And notice what the good doctor says.. it's illegal ALTHOUGH there is a shortage.. ah ha.. something to ponder. And what else? It could be dangerous to the donor. Well, there you have it. Make it less dangerous and make it legal, and you're on your way.

    I'm sure someone is working on these temporary problems as we speak.


    Mr Rigg, a consultant transplant surgeon at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "I know there are people advertising their organs for sale online, but in this country it is illegal."

    He also warned of the potential dangers involved for donors.

    He also warned that other complications could occur after donations keeping people in hospital for longer, and that this occurred in about 20-25 % of cases of liver donations.

    He said: "We would not support anyone doing this although we do recognise that there is a shortage of organs [in the UK]."

    He said the trade could be fuelled by the large number of people waiting for organ donations in the UK.

    The British Transplantation Society said it considered donation of organs for any kind of personal gain to be unethical.

    Mr John Forsythe, BTS president, said: "We would completely condemn the sale of organs."

    He said in all cases of live donation, they would try to ensure no coercion was involved at all, and that the selling of organs, often by people in desperate need of money would be "abhorrent" to many people.


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