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    Saturday, December 30, 2006

    Yummy revenge

    Here in the USA, revenge through law has felt quite normal now for some years.

    The latest catchword is 'closure'. The family of the wronged in court usually says 'we want closure', then adds 'but nothing can bring our child (or whomever) back'.

    And there it is. The admission of the uselessness of the act, AND the satisfaction of revenge.

    It's just in the air. Now this has little to do with the Nazis. But that was in the air at one time also. I only bring it up because we are always carried around by which way the wind blows. We know it, and can't seem to help it.

    Now that area of the globe, and many others are plainly death holes. It's nice of the catechism and the Vatican to remind us of the higher calling. Sometimes though, it's nicer to ignore that. Or easier, or just more practical.



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