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    Sunday, December 24, 2006

    British wasteland

    LONDON: An overwhelming number of Britons believe religion does more harm than good, an ICM poll for The Guardian newspaper suggested yesterday.

    Eighty-two per cent of the 1,006 adults questioned for the left-leaning newspaper in the run-up to Christmas said they saw religion as a cause of division and tension between people compared to 16% who disagreed.At a time when Britain’s multi-cultural, multi-faith model, their outward symbols and culture are under the microscope after last year’s suicide bombings, 63% said they were not religious.


    82% can be expected to misunderstand religion if 63% are not religious. Tragic

    Although Britain is Protestant, with its monarch Queen Elizabeth II the “defender of the faith”, only a small minority (17%) described it as a Christian country.

    Instead, 62% said Britain was better defined as a “religious country of many faiths”.

    Such nice architecture and rich history. How long can they stand on
    historical noblesse oblige alone?

    We can not judge their success by economics, look at China which is
    certainly non-Christian and doing well.

    What is the essential difference? I think it is their love alone. So many
    of the Enlightenment countries only show their lack of God around the fringes..
    with abortion and euthanasia. Those signposts will lead to others more basic.

    I think it will be the mechanisms of real killing machines when not stopped
    by money or productive worth invading more and more to the center of the

    But as all things Enlightenment, it will make perfect sense at the

    Stalin, Hitler, Mao... all the killing regimes do.


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