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    Saturday, December 16, 2006

    Put them in prison

    Catholic people do bad things. I hope I have not been avoiding that in the blog. I just didn't think it was all that surprising.


    An employee at a Catholic prep school was indicted on charges that he accepted bribes from contractors who did work at the school.

    A state grand jury charged Richard P. Rochefort, 48, the director of buildings and grounds at La Salle Academy in Providence, with 20 counts of accepting or soliciting a bribe.
    His wife, Gail Rochefort, 48, was also charged with a single count of conspiring to solicit or accept a bribe -- as well as aiding and abetting the solicitation of a bribe.

    Prosecutors say Richard Rochefort accepted or solicited more than $10,000 in bribes from companies that received contracts to do work at the school.
    The alleged scheme occurred between August 2001 and September 2005.


    A gym teacher and coach has been accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student over a period of 10 months while she worked at a Catholic high school in Somerset, N.J., authorities said.
    Pamela Balogh, 39, of Bethlehem, taught and coached the female student, who was subjected to the assaults starting in December, 2004, according to the Somerset County prosecutor's office.


    There.. This proves I know Catholics are a fallen people too.

    But at the known risk of being very very un-PC, this gym teacher is another case of an old person playing a young game.

    The headline.. "Prosecutor says woman used her Catholic school office for attacks". Attacks indeed.

    A 15 year old over the span of 10 months. An attack upon the willing for a good long time.

    I know most will say any sex with someone under 18 is bad bad bad. But it's all over the place. This is something we have done to our young people. For the most part, our culture has prodded them to engage in sex as soon as puberty arrives.
    Yet somehow we think we can protect their modesty with laws. Just some leftover it seems from a broken taboo.

    Now I know that we have been awakened to the power play in use when an authority figure presses the advantage. True, but hardly surprising, and something present since Eden.

    A case of culture saying one thing, and laws saying another. Two voices, same people. One powerful, the other punishing. Such is life when schizophrenic is the norm.

    God help us on our journey, but a journey it is.


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