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    Thursday, December 07, 2006

    Men crying, Lesbians doing the impossible

    The enemies of the USA have a pretty firm conviction that we are like a failing modern Roman Empire. A house with rotting foundations that can not withstand pain, without moral authority and lacking fortitude.

    Was Bush crying over something worthy? Nope.

    Former President George H.W. Bush came here Monday to talk about leadership and opened his remarks with advice on working with rivals, being patient and building personal relationships.

    He then broke down in tears mentioning his son, Gov. Jeb Bush, as an example of leadership and the way he handled losing the 1994 governor's race to popular incumbent Democrat Lawton Chiles. He vaguely referred to dirty tricks in the campaign.


    And how about that Cheney? Tough as nails and morally certain one would be led to believe.

    The vice president and his wife issued a statement saying they are "looking forward with eager anticipation to the arrival of their sixth grandchild."

    White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said that when Cheney told President Bush of Mary Cheney's pregnancy, "the president congratulated them and said he is very happy for them."


    Is this where we find ourselves? If we are worried about the breakdown of the American family, here it is for all the world to see.

    It is impossible for lesbians to have a child. But it is currently possible for the father to ship his manhood via Fed Ex to be squirted into unknown females via something like a small turkey baster. Breakdown indeed.


    Our enemies are right. Men are crying all over the place, at least in popular media, and within the Bush clan. This Cheney grandchild will have 2 mommies with hardly a blink from the watching culture.

    Remember the Immaculate Conception? It's a Holy Day of Obligation tomorrow. Cheney's conception was anything but.

    Back to our enemies. If we think we offer them something that they ought to emulate, we are badly mistaken.


    Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

    Hey Joseph,

    It was clear to me that GWH Bush was also suffering from the stress of realizing that the debacles caused by his son are ultimately traced to the Bush family's aristocratic ambitions. In other words, the old man is as much to blame for Irag and other evils as the clueless son he foisted upon the world stage. Royalty, aristocracy, and plutocracy always were and always will be bad ideas and we have been forced to suffer through yet more proof of this.

    As for Ms. Cheney, at least she's not as hypocritical as the so-caled religious right has proven to be.


    December 07, 2006  

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