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    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Blind loudly

    2 of the 3 Priests I have had weekly breakfast with over the last 10 years, have admitted reading the National Catholic Reporter regularly.

    They knew the rules, but somehow thought things had moved beyond the rules. Somehow things had changed, but the old stodgy Church was a little slow catching up.

    I saw a reference to the NCR editorial today, and thought I’d take a peek. Yikes! It’s not pretty.


    Apparently the bishops feel that people just aren’t listening. If that’s their hunch, we’d agree. Why aren’t they listening? Let’s consider for starters the document on contraception. A lot of the U.S. bishops today might say there are a lot of bad, or at least ignorant, Catholics out there, Catholics influenced by the contraceptive culture, for instance, who no longer know good from evil.

    Maybe they’re right. More likely, though, it’s because the teaching makes little sense, doesn’t match the experience of lay Catholics and tends to reduce all of human love to the act of breeding.

    Maybe they're right but more likely the teaching makes little sense? Maybe they're right? Tends to reduce love to the act of breeding?

    A lot of folks realize it makes perfect sense. Sex is mainly for procreation. Everyone knows this. There are other facets, but let's face it. It's not eating, it's not drinking, it's for making babies. And before the pill changed culture, people on the entire range of the IQ spectrum knew this in their gut.

    The NCR sees this as breeding. HA. The NCR and the 2 Priests that I am familiar with have been subsumed into recent culture. I would guess that they are blind to it. Had the editors been alive 50 years ago, they would have enjoyed a culture that could still understand sex as procreation. They would even have experienced the majority of Catholics having large families.

    But to NCR, and common culture, 50 years ago is irrelevant. Generally they feel there is so little to learn from history, with such a glorious present to wallow in.

    There's more to the editorial, but I don't wish to grant it anymore attention.

    It's a shame you know. But as so often these recent years, it's a shame blindly unfelt.


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