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    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    More than colors

    One big trouble with racism, is that we can not talk about anything deeper
    skin color. As if that were the issue.

    It starts with our
    innate desire
    to mate with someone we recognize as beautiful. Which is
    usually someone of the
    same race. Which causes racial segregation in
    something foundational as the family

    And you may have noticed, that some races are tall, others short. Some get
    bald, some don't. Some have big butts, some have little boobs. It's called
    genes, and by marrying folks we somehow find arrtactive, these gene gatherings
    form pools of like attributes. Some of these attributes help them in the
    economic game rules we adopt, some dont, and some are irrelevant.

    similar gened families in geographic groups delivers an us-vs-them outlook. And
    there really is an us and a them. By this time, we are talking about cultures
    that are noticeably different. And if they are different, they can not of course
    be equal in all senses.

    We have an equality before God, and strive for an equality before the law.
    But that's about it. I have never found another person equal to me. And I am
    betting you have never found another person exactly like you.

    light, blue, green is not the only criteria in town.

    It's culture. And the latest solution is to somehow 'celebrate' this
    diversity. You know... beyond admiring or avoiding another culture's food
    selections. That somehow we can remain multi-cultural and enjoy the mosaic of
    different adaptions to a common goal.

    Well maybe. Maybe in a very large enterprise that can absorb the fricion,
    like General Motors, or the government.

    But in families, parishes, normal sized businesses, and neighborhoods, it
    doesn't work. It's not comfortable and not natural, and without compulsion does
    not happen.

    It works in only one situation. And that is as we stand before out Maker
    whose purpose is worked out with such a motley crew. The more we see Him, in
    addition to the family, parish, business, and geographic nation, the more we
    feel the cultural friction less.

    But the friction will not go away. After all, that's how he made us. For
    whatever purpose.

    I think it was not "deliberately invented to create
    division" as the Archbishop says. Rather, it was deliberately invented in the
    choice of our mate. Which is something not very many powers-that-be have yet
    attempted to control.


    Calling racism "a concept deliberately invented to create division in humanity," Archbishop Gonzalez said every person must combat it with the truth, "the truth about the equality of all humans."

    Any one human being can donate blood to another, he said. "There is only one kind of human blood."

    At the close of his talk, Archbishop Gonzalez referred to a key moment in Pope John Paul II's papacy when he asked forgiveness for the church's involvement in slavery in centuries past.

    After quoting portions of the pope's speech in Spanish that asked for forgiveness from God the Father and from those people who had been victims of injustice, the archbishop said that the late pope's words should stir up the courage to overcome the evil of racism and slavery in all its forms.

    He spoke of seeking and exploring a world where men and women exist as a "single human family, within which the concept of racial superiority has no place."


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