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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Amazing Fathers, Father.

    I have not yet seen the document from the Bishops this week in Baltimore. But the news is all over the place.

    It seems the Bishops have clearly supported and taught about 3 things that I would say have a strong manly basis.

    Contraception... It's no good. Men are required to start acting like men, by respecting both women and God in sex.

    Communion for those who are in communion with the Church.

    And homosexual acts.. again needless to say, men should always act like men, and not something else against nature.

    May I say, their courage is fatherly? It seems so.

    May I say that men, and the culture at large, have lost the concept of fathers?

    If the Bishops are starting to act like fatherly teachers instead of loving politicians, I say Thank You to the Father, whom Jesus named clearly so many times.


    Thank You.


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