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    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    Irak was not VietNam, God help our foolishness that it will not be now

    Is this really the same old groove? Does it take us 30 years to forget and then remember?

    How foolish. If these were our kids running things they would be in line for a spanking.

    And who has surfaced from those golden years to advise us now? George McGovern. Unbelievable.

    Look for a rash of new Oldies stations playing those great 70's hits. Harvest Gold and Avacado Firebirds muscle cars can not be far behind either.

    We were gulible enough to start this thing, it is not OK to now change our minds, but I think we have. The last chance to honorably do that was when half way to Bagdad our soldiers took off their WMD suits for the rest of the trip. That's really all I needed to see. All the rest of the story was voluntary and not WMD hunting.

    Our exit at this time is not an option if we are anything other than folks playing a video game vs. dealing with real life.

    Maybe the new advisors can get something workable in action. I doubt our enemies will let that work.

    History will show that we have shot at the wrong target, have now run out of ammunition and will to stop Iran's nuclear weapons and protect Israel.

    A world changing mistake.

    Good Morning Vietnam!

    What I really hope is that we can keep all these half empty church buildings intact for just a little longer. When fire rains down from the heavens, they will fill up again quickly.


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