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    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    America's mood for the time being

    Bring back the death penalty.

    Feel the need to enshrine One Man / One Woman in State consitiutions. Expect that this will be overruled at the Federal level.

    Withdraw from Irak.

    Spend like there's no tomorrow.

    Punish the Republicans.

    Seal all food and medicine items with tamper-proof protection.

    Ignore Humane Vitae.

    Tire of sexual scandals, unless there is money to be had.

    Protect our kids with helmets and home alarm systems and locked schools and drive them everywhere they need to go.

    Look for sexual predators and stalkers around every corner.

    Blame Coca-Cola and Twinkees for our overweight.

    Watch the absolute vulgar trash on TV.

    Pay for the absolute vulgar trash from our celebrities.

    Allow the creeping loss of human dignity for the very young and very old by carefully redefining health care.

    Find renewed interest in the super-hero and cartoon genre in entertainment.

    Prove that the government is allowed no moral compass.

    Put video surveillance everywhere.

    Ask for personal identification everywhere except the voting booth.


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    November 26, 2006  

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