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    Friday, November 03, 2006

    Odd conduct by Hell

    A pizza delivery company that used condoms and “safe-sex” instructions in a product promotion was strongly criticized by the bishops of New Zealand.


    Hell Pizza, located in 18 cities throughout the island nation, included a condom and explicit instructions on how to use it during sex in its small pamphlet mailed advertising piece to promote its “Lust” pizza.

    Calling the promotional campaign for the company, which sports devils, flames and pitchforks on its Web site, offensive and an affront, the president of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference said the Catholic Church supports the critical comments of the lobby group Focus on the Family.

    Focus on the Family executive director Tim Sisarich said that New Zealanders were concerned that children of all ages would have access to condoms and instruction on how to use them.

    Further, he noted that the connection between "meat-lovers" pizzas and condoms cheapened women and the act of sex.

    A spokesperson for Hell Pizza told One News in New Zealand that the pizza company was not going to apologize for the promotion, and indicated that it would force parents to talk about sex with their children.


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