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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    There still won't be

    Gravel, who is a Catholic priest in the suburban Montreal hamlet of La Plaine, Que., requires the official sanction of his boss, the Bishop of Joliette, who in turn will have to consult with the ecclesiastical authorities at the Holy See before making a decision.


    It's more than just a formality, as Gravel isn't a run-of-the-mill priest.

    The openly gay Gravel, 54, is a former male prostitute who decided to enrol in a Catholic seminary after suffering a beating that left him near death.

    He also supports legalized abortion and the ordination of homosexuals (in 2005 he told a Montreal magazine that 50 per cent of priests in Quebec are gay and that priests in general don't take their vow of celibacy seriously).

    There are clergymen from other denominations in the Commons, but no Catholic priests.

    Even if this guy wins the election, there still wont be any Catholic
    Priests in Commons. Just some pro-abortion, pro-same-sex-marriage mixed up
    fellow who mistakenly became a priest.

    Although, if he is right, and that in Quebec half are of his ilk, he will
    still have lots of friends.


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