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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Sprituality is so nicely vague, and money making

    I was speaking with a psychology student recently who has it all figured out.
    Which it seems to me is the danger of psychology.

    Her latest find
    is a book of “secrets” regarding controlling the subconscious to fix up the
    little flaws we all have. When I suggested that this was nothing new, and for
    more than the last 100 years one could always find a “new” book on these matters
    always saying about the same things, that didn’t seem to impress her much, since
    this book seemed very good.

    How interesting the market is for
    spirituality. Always fresh, always stale, always juvenile, always about finding
    the god inside yourself, usually in a forest.


    And so I asked myself again, leaning against a heavenly radiant, seemingly pulsating, red wall of rock with my face to the sun, why is any of this important? Isn't playing my djembe drum a spiritual experience? When I share a reading with someone, and we lock hearts, just for an instant, is that) religion?

    Who cares if you go to a formal church — or find your sanctuary in the desert? Jesus said, "wherever two or more are gathered, there am I." My heart tells me that "religion, piety, reverence, compassion" happen wherever I am gathered in communion with my own God, by myself or with other companions, in a canyon or on a mountain.

    We have divine opportunities, always — everywhere — to devote our being to the godliness that resides in each of us, regardless of where our physical body is situated. It is in these moments of heavenly consciousness that the true knowing comes forth. And I know that Kashi, in some mysterious way, is but one of the importantother beings that has come into my life to "gather" with me on my sacred journeys.

    — — —

    Sharon Hooper is a popular life and spiritual coach, author and speaker who is passionate about helping others succeed in life and business. Visit her websites VisionJourneys and Sanctuary Publications, or drop her an email at {email}}{/email}. © copyright 2006 by Sharon Hooper

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