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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    There is no way to tell, so why need a group?

    Here's what I don't understand...

    We have chaste homosexual Catholic students, who need to be accepted and get
    out of the closet.

    Well, just how is one to know they are dealing with a homosexual individual
    if he/she is not acting on it and flouting it?

    There's no way.

    Seems like good old-fashioned Catholic chastity will solve all the problems, and that there's just not really a need for these organizations after all. How can there be discrimination if no one can tell who to discriminate against?


    Martin Trevino is openly gay. He knows that is unacceptable to many of his fellow students at Our Lady of the Lake University, a private Catholic school on the West Side.

    In spite of that — or perhaps because of it — Trevino wants to create a university-sanctioned gay/straight alliance to educate students and faculty about gay issues and to give gays and lesbians a voice on campus. The issue has sparked discussion about whether universities with Catholic moorings should support gay groups, given that the church teaches homosexual sex is wrong.

    Medina has helped organize on-campus events to discuss gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersex issues, and in August she put on a training session for student mentors. In her classes, she tackles minority relations and has compiled a resource manual on those issues.

    It's awkward for students to confront their feelings about homosexuality, Medina said, but they leave her class and training sessions with more compassion for gays and lesbians. She thinks the campus is ripe for a gay/straight alliance.

    "I think the students are interested and the university is ready," Medina said.
    Jane Grovijahn, chairwoman of the religious studies department, agreed.

    "People here are quietly out," Grovijahn said. "There is no great visibility. We are at exactly the right place to begin looking at these issues."

    Both professors expect some resistance from faculty and students.

    Oh yeah.. and "intersex"???

    Look it up yourself.


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