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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Pope snippets

    Benedict XVI highlighted "the primary importance of spiritual life," and of concern for "cultural development, balanced human maturity and a profound ascetic and religious formation." He also stressed the need for "silence and contemplation," because we must be able "to listen with the heart to God Who speaks."


    He went on: "Thought always needs purification in order to be able to enter the dimension in which God pronounces His creating and redeeming Word. ... Only if they arise from the silence of contemplation can our words have some measure of value and utility, and not subside into ... worldly discourse which seeks the consensus of public opinion.

    How many times have I had something to say without the benefit of
    purification? Too many.

    It's hard to remember, because in the end, I really had nothing to say, but
    spoke anyway.

    I hope someday someone publishes a book of snippets of Pope Benedict


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