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    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    At least 50 years out of whack

    This guy's in trouble, and it's not quite the same but...

    It was only 50 years ago that it was common sense that women who dressed and
    acted provocatively were "asking for it".

    This all changed in the 70's when we learned that men are expected to control
    their impulses no matter what. Hey, that's about the same time that porn broke
    out into the common population. Also about the time that men and women largely
    lost their way in marriage.

    Now most do not control their impulses at all, although we are taught to look
    for that legal "yes".


    Sydney - Comments about women and rape by Australia's top Islamic cleric could do lasting damage to the Muslim community's relations with the rest of the nation, Prime Minister John Howard warned Sunday.

    "If this matter is not properly handled by the Islamic community I am concerned that their failure to do so will do lasting damage to the perceptions of that community within the Australian community," Howard said.

    Muslim leaders were due to meet soon at Hilali's Lakemba Mosque in Sydney's western suburbs to decide on the cleric's future, a spokesman for the Lebanese Muslim Association said.

    Hilali has said that if the Muslim leaders could prove his comments were intended to degrade women, he would quit as mufti."

    I will stand down and leave all work related to the Muslim community if they can prove what I said was meant to be offensive," he told the Sun-Herald newspaper.

    Hilali sparked controversy last week when it was revealed that he had likened immodestly-dressed women without an Islamic headscarf to "uncovered meat" inviting sexual attack.


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