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    Monday, November 20, 2006


    I like her comment about clay feet and Genesis. But the rest of it is

    Not left or right but "comprehensive". What was that said about being neither hot nor cold? Seems about right for mush.

    "Episcopalians tend to be better-educated and tend to reproduce at lower rates".

    Q. Episcopalians aren’t interested in replenishing their ranks by having children?

    A. No. It’s probably the opposite. We encourage people to pay attention to the stewardship of the earth and not use more than their portion.

    Q. He [the Pope] became embroiled in controversy this fall after suggesting that Muslims have a history of violence.

    A. So do Christians! They have a terrible history. Look at history in the Dark Ages. Charlemagne converted whole tribes by the sword. I think Muslims are poorly understood by the West, and it is easy to latch onto that which we do not understand and demonize it.

    Q. You were previously bishop of Nevada, but your new position requires you to live in New York City. Do you and your husband like it here?

    A. He is actually in Nevada. He is a retired mathematician. He will be here in New York when it makes sense.

    From "Questions for Katharine Jefferts Schori" N.Y. Times

    The article doesn't say if she has reproduced. I guess that leaves more
    reproducing portion for the rest of us.

    She says episcopalians are smart. That's certainly a smart pose she has
    practiced in front of the mirror. Not quite Christ-like as I imagine it.

    Oh well, I don't think I want to be an episcopalian after all.


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