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    Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    The good, the bad, and the revolting.

    The obtaining of embryonic stem cells from "spare" embryos -- resulting from in vitro fertilization -- is allowed in Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain and the Low Countries, it confirmed.

    Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Slovenia, have no specific regulation on embryonic stem cells, but allow some research with "spare" embryos. Italy and Germany have restrictions and cannot obtain new embryonic stem cells, though they can import them.

    Austria, Lithuania and Poland prohibit research with embryonic stem cells. Belgium, the United Kingdom and Sweden allow therapeutic cloning, expressly excluded from the Community's program, the Europarliament press office noted.


    Good for Austria, Lithuania and Poland.

    Bad for Denmark, Finland,
    France, Greece, Spain and the Low Countries.

    Perhaps worse of all are
    Italy and Germany. Themselves they wish to appear clean, and let other 'lesser'
    countries do their dirty work. It's all revolting, and they are the most

    The European Parliament's approval of funding for research on human embryos reflects a situation of inequality in how individual countries recognize fundamental rights, warns a Vatican official.

    This pronouncement of the Europarliament "makes evident the moral and ethical relativism that now governs Europe," lamented Bishop Elio Sgreccia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

    "Where there is one kind of law, one is recognized as a human person from conception; where there is another, instead, it is no longer the same," he lamented. "So I no longer see that Europe which was born from a charter of man's rights.


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