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    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    China childish and dangerous

    We pick on and look for perfection from America at every turn.

    Our motives and actions are a mix of right and wrong, but pretty much we are
    easy to understand as we act like good and bad adults.

    This China mentality is just childish. An adolescent head on a Goliath's body
    as the people suffer with the unpredictability. I wonder what they want to
    be when they grow up?

    Perhaps the cold war is not over. Just taking a break during half-time while
    the huge trade economics provide the entertainment and diversion.


    On November 30, the Chinese regime plans the ordination of a new bishop, a ceremony that will take place without the approval of the Holy See.

    On the eve of the ceremony, two bishops in the Hebei province-- Bishops Peter Feng Xinmao and Li Liangui-- have been taken into custody by officials of the government's religious-affairs bureau, AsiaNews reports. They have been taken to the site of the illicit ordination, the agency says.

    Other Chinese bishops are being subjected to severe pressure to participate in the ceremony, AsiaNews adds. Even Father Wang Renlei, the priest who will be consecrated an auxiliary bishop, is being held in isolation to prevent any communication with the Vatican.


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