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    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Offering it up to high heaven

    One of the things I struggle with is the common attitude in homilies that the
    supposed 'old' practice of offering up our sufferings is not to the point.

    Mainly the Priest will say something like advice to turn the situation
    around, or that God does not want anyone to suffer.

    Baloney... a misuse
    of words and the introduction of feel good psychology.

    Yes, at the root
    is the fact God wishes us only good. Yes, the devil is the base source of
    misery. And yes, the Priest is often talking about poor women caught in an
    abusive environment. Very PC and soft and at the bottom confusingly

    But I can not forget Job. That is one long story put there for a
    clear teaching reason. And Christ's Passion is a teaching that can never be

    So here we have the good Pope teaching the 'old' practice at
    that last undeniable meeting with suffering waiting for all of us.

    God for this Pope too.


    The message is also addressed to terminally ill patients. "I encourage you to contemplate the sufferings of Christ crucified, and, in union with him, to turn to the Father with complete trust that all life, and your lives in particular, are in his hands," Benedict XVI exhorts. "Trust that your sufferings, united to those of Christ, will prove fruitful for the needs of the Church and the world."


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