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    Friday, December 22, 2006

    Dark Dark Continent, and our dark little hearts

    "Where is the moral outrage?" Emry asked, calling for moral and collective responsibility.


    Most important, Emry said, is "do not forget." If people were to leave the meeting and forget about Darfur, "then the genocide is complete," he said. "They'll be wiped out of our consciousness."

    Here is a stink hole certainly crafted by the Devil himself.

    Since 2003
    the usual response from the world community has not turned the tide. The usual
    response has been ineffective.

    Matthew Emry of American Jewish World
    Service is right. We are forgetting. And coming from a Jew, it is chilling when
    he says "then the genocide is complete,", "They'll be wiped out of our

    All real actionable power is local right?. Locally the
    neighboring nations have been unable to be effective. In fact the whole
    local continent has been unable to summon the fortitude to stop the evil. If local
    power does not work, what is the world to do?

    What can we do when even
    the charitable relief organizations are suppressed?

    Nothing short of
    re-Colonizing this chaotic continent. So the answer is nothing.

    pardon my racial eye, but where is the indignation from the Black race across
    the globe? These are the people you left behind, your blood relatives.

    Stalemate. Some new yet unheard of idea is needed.

    When the
    Light came into the world, he brought the light to answer this darkness.

    This is the evil that is not yet put under his feet. I suspect this is
    the reason that after 2,000 years the Father still delays His return.

    When we do not rise up in moral indignation we prove ourselves unready
    too well. How can I have the fuzzy warm Christmas spirit when I prove myself
    also unready. I can't.

    I can't think of a solution given the current
    world political structures, or our proven world moral state. This "I can't" is
    also my Judgement.

    I am sorry we are fallen creatures still blind to the
    Light we are about to celebrate. And I wonder what lies ahead for our future
    generations in their part of the journey toward the victory already won, but not
    yet consumated.

    The Psalms often speak "How long O Lord before you
    return?". You have returned, and will again someday. But as I daily prove why,
    not in my lifetime.

    Emry, senior program officer for conflict and emergency relief for the Jewish organization, said moral outrage is needed to make things happen in Darfur. He challenged his audience to consider genocide not in terms of millions but rather one person exterminated at a time.

    The people of Darfur in flight bring to mind the flights of the Jews of the Old Testament, and of Joseph and Mary. Now, he said, it's not just a matter of faith but of history -- and that history is repeating itself.

    "Where is the moral outrage?" Emry asked, calling for moral and collective responsibility.

    While CRS is the largest supplier of aid to Darfur, LeFevre noted, that aid has been progressively interrupted. With poor access for humanitarian efforts, the CRS representative said, aid agencies are hoping that diplomatic efforts will "produce some movement."

    Scott LeFevre, a CRS representative to the Horn of Africa, which includes Darfur, said 3.5 million people need assistance in a dry, arid region where the temperature reaches 120 degrees.

    More than 100 people of various faiths came together at the university's Alumni Hall to hear from representatives of Catholic Relief Services and American Jewish World Service, two agencies providing emergency humanitarian relief to Darfur.

    At least 200,000 people have died in Darfur and more than 2 million people have been displaced since 2003 when fighting escalated between rebel groups and government troops and Arab militias known as Janjaweed.

    Despite a May peace agreement meant to end the conflict, the fighting has continued and threatens to spread to neighboring Chad, where many displaced people from Darfur are taking shelter.


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