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    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Fantasy is the new normal

    If you can dream it, you can do it!

    It seems, in our minds at least, that the physical world no longer binds us. Computers and television and medical wonders not only amuse us with fantasy, they help sweep us away into never never land.

    And judges, being modern people also, are similarly dreaming along.

    Natural Law folks. Without it anything is possible. Even the impossible. At least in our minds.

    This child does not have 2 mothers, and never will. Yet we can make out papers saying he does, and play house as if he does. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. She has a way of spanking the fantasy right out from under you.


    A five-year-old Canadian boy can have two mothers and a father, an Ontario court ruled this week in a landmark case that redefines the meaning of family and examines the rights of parents in same-sex relationships.

    "It is contrary to (the child's) best interests that he is deprived of the legal recognition of the parentage of one of his mothers," Justice Marc Rosenberg wrote in the ruling, which did not name the three parents or the child.

    "Perhaps one of the greatest fears faced by lesbian mothers is the death of the birth mother... Without a declaration of parentage or some other order, the surviving partner would be unable to make decisions for their minor child."

    See the little fantasy sneaking in? "deprived of the legal recognition of the parentage of one of his mothers," ... "fears faced by lesbian mothers". The whole proceeding moves on as if there can be more than one mother, and refers to something called lesbian mothers. Something impossible has become legal babble. The fantasy builds a reality of its own. The only reality this group is the innocent child, father and mother. Somehow another woman has appeared because all chanted in one voice "make it so".

    Remember that come-back line when a lady is asked for a date, and her response is 'dream on'? It looks like in modern times, the next step is not rejection but rather turning on some type of video virtual reality, or having it declared so in court.

    I wonder if at the Last Judgement our entry in the book will refer to our fantasy life, or our real life.


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