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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    News of a lesser order

    Poor Mrs. Robinson. 1st things 1st. He has forgotten where AIDS comes from...

    The single most significant person who made the film happen, according to Karslake, is Robinson. Although theological disputes in the Episcopal Church go back decades, the consecration of Robinson in 2003 had triggered the departure of numerous congregations from the national Anglican body. The problem was not just homosexuality, many departed Anglican leaders have argued, but the continual drift in the church away from Scriptural authority.

    Robinson recently stated that he believes there are only a small minority of parishes at odds with the Episcopal Church's liberal stance on homosexuality. He further stated that the debate over the homosexual issue seems like a waste of their time and energy when the world faces larger problems such as the AIDS crisis.


    and comon', let the roosters fight. They will make tasty lunch soon anyway...

    The executive director of the Catholic Conference of New Mexico, Allen Sanchez, said this week of the bishops of that state are supporting a new law that would prohibit rooster fights because they foster violence and violate established principles regarding the treatment of animals.

    “Rooster fights abuse the goodness of the creation of God and do not constitute a cultural treasure,” the bishops of New Mexico said in a statement.



    God's creation is a violent thing. Going down with a fight or a butcher knife, it's still tasty.

    Is God really against violence? I don't think so.

    If I may say so, He has always has a strong masculine side which only lately has been ignored in favor of Political Correctness. God does not seem wimpy or limp. Life is an adventure, not a hug.

    Bring on the roosters and the bulls. Remember St. Michael the fighter.


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