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    Monday, February 12, 2007


    Portugal yesterday voted to sweep away centuries of moral domination by the Roman Catholic church in a referendum allowing the government to reform one of Europe's most restrictive abortion laws.


    A change will see Portugal leave the small club of European countries, which includes Ireland, Poland and Malta, that either ban or severely restrict abortion. Voters braved stormy weather to cast their balllots.

    Some 90% of Portuguese describe themselves as Roman Catholics, but that did not stop many rebelling against doctrine yesterday.

    Laurinda Duarte, on her way to church in Lisbon yesterday, said: "I voted yes and will always vote yes. Abortions will always take place, so why not vote to allow women to carry them out under decent conditions? I am a Catholic, but that does not mean I am not free to vote."

    Campaigners for change say the experience of being put on trial adds further suffering and humiliation to those who have gone through the difficult and painful experience of an abortion.

    Oh great, Portugal is no longer dominated by morals... exactly what has replaced them?

    Or how about the idea of rebelling against doctrine? Now that you have rebelled, where does that leave you?

    And of course, the usual new morals argument... since something 'always takes place', it's time to make it legal.. sort of like murder and theft. Better to have 'decent conditions'.

    The real irony is all that further suffering and humiliation of those who have gone through the 'difficult and painful experience of an abortion'. Are they talking about the baby?


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