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    Saturday, February 17, 2007

    Practical brought the holocaust

    First off, I believe in liberty. Use condoms or don't, it will say a lot about you. And you need to say what you believe, be it moral or practical if those two things differ.

    Now, what about a city that champions the practical when the Church claims the practical is immoral?

    Let's pick apart how they're driven.

    "This is not an issue of faith, this is a health issue for the city,"

    Thanks mayor. This is the usual confusion point. Morals vs. faith. When he mentions faith, it shoves the argument to something under the steeple. But morals have to do with the good side of human nature under the steeple or outside in the streets.

    Yes, a person of faith will find their first things coming from their belief.

    Where do persons not of faith find their morals? From their common sense borrowed from their neighbors in faith. There is no other source. The good mayor is simply interested in the practical. May I remind you of WWII and Germany. No one can claim those folks were not practical.

    "They should preach to their congregants what they think is the appropriate ways to live your lives, but the health department has to work with the real world of people not practicing protected sex, not practicing abstinence, and this is a ways to keep people alive." More than 100,000 of New York's 8.2 million residents are living with HIV or AIDS.

    Since when did our civic health concerns decide they must keep people alive contrary to the actions and wishes of the electorate?

    It's a creepy thing. Cigarettes are banned, taxes are gathered, all in the name of enforced health. Why? What mandate set these nanny do-gooders loose? I don't remember where government advice morphed into goverment coercion.

    Condoms are thrown to the crowd who won't stop having sex with multiple partners. The message is keep fornicating but please improve our health statistics. Why? Condom sex is not normal sex. Who cares about health statistics?

    And wait untill government heath care becomes the norm. The rules and regulations, along with the punishments for not living the enforced health vision, will be a joy to behold.

    The Church says be good. The practical minded say be healthy. Why? We know what the Church is up to.

    What are the practical minded up to? Statistics. Improve the statistics.

    The Church says you are a person no matter what. And a good person when you draw close to the source of good.

    The practical say you are a good person if healthy, wealthy, and Politically Correct. And as we know, you are not a person if you havn't exited the birth canal, or you are at the end of life's span and have become a nuisance.


    Cardinal Edward Egan, head of the Archdiocese of New York, and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn released a joint statement on Thursday that said City Hall leaders "fail to protect the moral tone of our community when they encourage inappropriate sexual activity by blanketing our neighborhoods with condoms."

    "The taxpayer money that is being spent to distribute condoms and promote the attitude that anything goes would be far better spent in fostering what is true and what is decent," said the statement from Egan and DiMarzio.

    In New York, officials hope that the new distinctive design _ featuring the words "NYC Condom" in the fonts and colors used in the subway system _ will help them track usage with their annual community health survey.

    Bloomberg said Egan and DiMarzio, who together serve more than 4 million Catholics, have the right to communicate to their followers what they feel is proper behavior. But, he added, the city is trying to find ways to reduce its rates of HIV and AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases.


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