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    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    If Europe is over, I guess it's USA then

    Let's say that Europe does become a memory. Let's say that it becomes muslim.
    That won't be the end of Western Civilization. We still have the U.S.A. and Australia.
    And religion is still important and all over the place here.
    Pope Benedict said that the European Union today is built upon a cynical form of pragmatism that compromises on all principles, sacrificing fundamental ideals and undermining the dignity of human nature and freedom. If the Union is to have any lasting legal integrity, he said, it "must clearly recognize that human nature has something stable and permanent to it and that it is the source of common rights for all individuals, including even those who deny them."
    And what does the Italian guy say? He says he can't hear.
    Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi also addressed the COMECE conference. "I would have liked some mention of the Christian roots of Europe included in the European Union charter," the Italian premier said. Nonetheless, he said, "these are times in which it is necessary to close the past ,knowing that this common patrimony has become our way of daily life."
    Bye bye now.


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