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    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Filthy animals

    Is there anything worse than a smoker if you are not one?

    Hard to imagine isn't it. Avert your eyes, make a wide arc so the exhale won't stick to your clothes.

    Listen to the highly suspicious reports about the thousand's dropping dead from something called second-hand smoke. An affect we somehow missed in all these past years. And don't forget the billions and billions spent trying to keep smokers alive those last few months. Better to burn them at the pyre.

    Well there's something even worse!

    Murders taking hostages for their smokes. Filthy dirty animals maximus.

    The good nanny government folks decided to make state buildings smoke free including the pen. No doubt to secure a nice long life for the inmates and the guards. Just what a prison needs.. nervous inmates and guards.

    Ha, the powers that be gave in to the demands for a carton of Winstons in trade for the guard hostage. Looks like there's room for negotiation after all.

    Lepers! Unclean!


    Two inmates housed in a smoke-free prison traded a hostage for cigarettes after a six-hour standoff.

    "As the night progressed they started saying, 'Look, we'll give up if you let us have some tobacco. If you do that, we'll go back to our cell,"' Carlton said. "They got them some cigarettes, they smoked them and went back to their cell and locked themselves back in."

    Prisons across the state are instituting no-smoking policies after the Legislature passed a law banning smoking in state buildings.


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