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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    VW junk

    Oh by the way, VW cars are junk.

    I had the honor of owning a '96 Passat. I got to know the service department very well, and started to recognize the faces of other VW owners there.. that's a bad sign.

    The car drove really well (except on the snow), but all the pieces kept falling off.

    The doors oozed some thick oily stuff from inside and rusted from the inside out. Air Conditioning stopped working, along with the heated seats, mirrors, CD player, and of course the famous electric windows that were all stuck a little open.

    For awhile I tried to pay the average $600 per visit to the repair shop, but then I stopped and the car kept running with all the extras broke but along for the ride.

    Now maybe VW has improved over these 10 years, but I haven't heard.

    Take the money you would donate to the repair department, and donate it to a more worthy cause.


    Around 800,000 Volkswagen vehicles have been recalled Monday because of faulty brake lights, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said .

    The 790,000 vehicles include Jettas, New Beetles, Golfs, GTIs and R32s.

    This recall expands on one announced by Europe's No. 1 carmaker last year, when 362,000 Jettas and New Beetles were recalled due to the same defective part.


    Anonymous VW Parts Blog said...

    Some vehicles with automatic VW transmissions mount might be immobilized if the brake light switch can't be activated so that the transmission can be shifted out of park. When the recall begins in April, Volkswagen will install a new brake switch to vehicles affected for free. If you think your vehicle is affected, you can contact your local dealership or Volkswagen at 1-800-822-8987.

    March 01, 2007  

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