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    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Just kill me

    We all know that this group was very good at euthanasia. We know the doctors that participate in euthanasia are about as trustworthy as doctors who participate in abortion.. it's just a strange field of specialization.

    I have made it a point of avoiding Oregon these many years since they voted themselves the right to kill anyone who could sign the form. Looks like California will be off my itinerary options also.

    The shame is that the article can probably rightly claim that "this is another issue of individual choice where the overwhelming majority of Catholics have a different perspective than the official position of the church.”

    Little Catholics in the pews. Pew sitters with their own enlightened opinion. Just sad.

    And you know where these people are headed? Yup, to the Parish Council to share their Time, Talent and Treasure. Just wrong.


    Cardinal Roger Mahony is urging Catholics to fight a proposed bill that would legalize assisted suicide for the terminally ill in California.

    "Assisted suicide is totally unnecessary — not only is it against God's law, God's plan, we simply don't need something like that," said Cardinal Mahony during a noontime Mass on Monday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, reported The Associated Press.

    The Cardinal-archbishop of Los Angeles said Catholics must put pressure on legislators to vote against “this attack on life."Cardinal Mahoney also fiercely criticized the Legislature's most prominent Democrat, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. The Catholic politician recently met with the Cardinal to discuss the proposal.

    Nunez, he said, “somehow has not understood and grasped the culture of life but has allowed himself to get swept into this other direction, the culture of death.”

    An Assembly committee last week approved the bill, which would allow patients, found by two physicians to have no more than six months to live, to request a drug to end their lives when they choose. The patient would have to administer the drug, which he or she would have to request in writing and orally. A physician could require the patient to have counseling before receiving the drug.

    Isn't it strange that the "Indian Catholic" is the only source this morning carrying the story?


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