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    Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    PBS Mormons

    Did you see the Mormon PBS 4 hour series? Very good stuff.

    I have already mentioned how very odd the foundations of their beliefs are. But it is interesting just how they are able to exist and grow, especially with their missionaries.

    Converts on the series without exception were swayed by how nice the young men or women were, and how nice the little Mormon local clusters are. Nice in a Christian sense borrowed from the New Testament.

    And again it hits me how powerful the Word of God is, even partial, and even cloudy. It has its affects upon fertile ground. Still a cult, still odd, but with the power of the New Testament obscured by additional revelations.

    The series also exposed another real important thing about Mormon's foundation. An angel told Joe Smith how to correct Christianity. Yup, it had become flawed and it was time to get things right, and Smith was the man up to the job.

    Now I have been slamming on muslims for doing just the same thing. Their angel told that prophet also how Jews and Christians were getting things wrong, and laid on mahotmet the straight story.

    The difference between nice and not nice seems to be the Sermon on the Mount. The Mormon's have it, and the muslims don't.

    This picture I find a nice commentary on the absurd muslim belief of multiple virgin swinging in heaven for their blown up martyrs. It's compliments of the tiber blog


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