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    Sunday, April 29, 2007

    Religion of peace not

    Please remember that when you hear that muslim is a religion of peace, that just doesn't make any sense in the real world of actions.

    People talk about "moderates" as if only orthodox or fundamental muslims hack off hands and shoo away Christians. Well I don't know where the moderates are do you? Maybe San Francisco.

    So here's a country we must court since they are allies at the moment, and oh yes, they happen to have the bomb.

    Anyone wish to rub shoulders with these folks multi-culturally? Better not.. they have the law of the land on their side, as do all muslim nations. Pakistan, and so many others.

    Bad stuff. Bad places. Bad idea.


    Kotri: Pakistan (AsiaNews) – April 27, 2007. A mob of Muslims tortured a Catholic man on April 13 in Kotri, Sindh province, accusing him of writing blasphemous words against Muhammad. When the Police intervened, it arrested the tortured man. In prison he was tortured again in order to get him to “confess.” He was supposed to get married the following day.

    In piecing together the events that led to the arrest of the two Masih, APMA found that it all started when a group of Muslim men came to Sattar Masih’s house with a piece of paper that had Masih’s picture on it and blasphemous words written against Muhammad in the Urdu language. Although Sattar Masih rejected the allegations, his accusers did not believe him but still they went away.

    Later that day Imam Mulana Umer announced during Friday prayers that the mosque had found a sacrilegious paper against the prophet Muhammad in the donation box. The imam then showed the paper to worshippers with Sattar Masih’s photo and address.

    Many Muslim worshippers were enraged and marched on Sattar Masih’s house, stormed it and tried to kill him. But before they could act the Kotri police intervened and took Sattar into custody. In jail he was charged with blasphemy and tortured


    Anonymous Zebra said...

    I agree.....Islam certainly is THE religion of intolerance. Christians are systematically being driven out of most arab countries and muslims are intolerant of any religion but Islam. It is amazing how they bitterly complain about Israel, yet there are over a million arabs living in Israel. There are no substantial Christian or Jewish communities in arab countries, and there never will be. So much for the religion of intolerance.

    December 17, 2007  

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