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    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    Get ready

    How does this sound to you? The Clinton team back for 8 years with Obama as the Vice President, then another 8 years of Obama as President?

    I think you can almost feel the country ready to pop for anything except Republican. It will be a wild ride as our nanny know-betters legislate a little social hip hop.

    Backing from the common folks is not lacking.


    Just a week after faith-based groups denounced the House vote approving the legislation, the Gallup Poll revealed 68 percent of Americans are for the expansion while only 27 percent oppose it. Moreover, 65 percent of Protestant and other non-Catholic Christians said they would favor it.

    Highly religious Americans were less likely to favor expanding the federal hate crime laws than those who seldom attend church. Still, 64 percent of those who attend church weekly expressed that they favor the bill. Among the less religious, 67 percent of those who attend church almost every week or monthly support the expansion and 73 percent of Americans who seldom or never attend church also favor it.

    Nevertheless, no group identifiable in Gallup's standard categories – including the Republicans, Independents, Democrats, conservatives, moderates, liberals, Protestant and those with no religious identity – expressed less than majority support for the legislation that some Christians fear could strip away their right to express a biblical view on homosexuality, according to the poll report.

    As the Senate reviews the bill this week along with the U.S. Senate version S. 1105, Christian organizations have continued to voice opposition to the expansion. A spokeswoman for Focus on the Family argued that all violent crime is tied to hate in some way.

    "The Virginia Tech shooter said in his diatribe that he hated rich kids. Well, rich kids aren't protected in this hate crime bill," Carrie Gordon Earll told the Baltimore Sun. "If we're going to start choosing categories of people for additional penalties when they're victimized, where does the list end?"

    "[A] homosexual would have more federal protection under the law than the 32 victims of [the Virginia Tech] massacre," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

    Meanwhile, the White House, which argues that H.R. 1592 is unnecessary and constitutionally questionable, has threatened a veto.

    The current White House.... Bye bye now.

    16 years pushes Conservative chances out to 2024, which I hope is well beyond my lifetime.

    Good luck.


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